A faster desktop environment. Ubuntu 19.10 and the renaissance of GNOME

GNOME is one of the most loved/hated desktop environment. Its history starts a long time ago and its community is incredibly big: GNOME is one of the most modern DE but due to features and poor optimization, it has often given the fast experience of lighter DEs like LXDE, Mate, or XFCE. Those DEs made the system much more responsive without unnecessary frills and they achieved the real GNOME objectives, but GNOME doesn’t. Until Ubuntu 19.10.

Ubuntu 19.10 with GNOME 3.34
Eoan Ermine | Also, old themes seem better on Ubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu, since the Big Bang, has two versions: a Long Term Support (called, nevermind, LTS) for security and stability, ideal for production systems, and the Short Term Release for those who want to giving up a little stability but to have the latest features, the latest packages and the latest graphical elements like updated themes and icons.

In my home systems and on servers, I use Ubuntu 18.04, but on laptops, I prefer to use Fedora or Ubuntu 19.10. The experience is comparable, but for critic environments, I suggest always using a stable version like Ubuntu 18.04 or CentOS, otherwise RHEL.

The new features of version 19.10 start early: the slow boot of the LTS 19.04 version is only an old remembrance, it was super optimized thanks to the new LZ4 compression algorithm. The real big thing about this release is, however, GNOME 3.34. Highlights from this release include visual refreshes for a number of applications, including the desktop itself. But the most important things are under the hood, far from our sight, but they make themselves felt. And if they are heard, the new version of GNOME is fast, extremely fast, almost unbelievable.

Also Ubuntu 19.10 includes NVIDIA drivers and Kernel 5.3 which introduces optimized compatibility with 7nm NAVI GPUs and the latest generation of Ryzen processors. Speed, fun and all works out-of-the-box. It’s like a dream for old date GNOME and Ubuntu users. On this Ubuntu release, we find the best GNOME experience and a system that works. You will find really a pleasant system to use and optimized like never before.

For more information and downloads, here the references:

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