A curated list of free software for remote working

Cybersecurity and privacy protection are growing concerns in the industry, both are rooted in digital freedoms and rights that society demand. The tech industry has used products and services that abuse personal information and create an unsafe environment where people have become the product. Purism is a company creating an ethical computing environment, with quality services and products that people will find convenient to use and can reliably trust.

Purism has been working remotely since the beginning of 2014. Here’s their list of essential free software for remote work, all can be self-hosted or used via various hosted options.

Audio Conferencing

Purism uses Mumble for weekly team calls and general large group audio conferencing. It has low bandwidth requirements and it scales really well for typical all-hands meetings.

Calendar and Files

Purism’s team heavily uses NextCloud internally for calendars, event schedules, general file storage and collaborating on documents.

Chat, Calls and Video Conferencing

Team chat has already become an essential tool for teams looking to be more collaborative and less reliant on email. They use Matrix for team chat, 1 to 1 calls, video conferencing via Jitsi (open source video conferencing), ad-hoc file sharing and all our community chat channels.

Content Authoring and Publishing

Purism’s various web properties use WordPress for content authoring but they publish static sites for security and speed. They are looking to migrate to pure static site generators in the future but WordPress has been an essential tool for they to launch products and share updates with the community.


Purism’s primary social channel is on a free Librem Social service powered by Mastodon. Like Matrix, Mastodon is a distributed (federated) network, so you can create an account on one of the many public servers or host your own instance and still communicate across instances. Setting up a private company Mastadon can be a great way for everyone to share their days.

Purism also provides a lot of useful information for Project Management and DevOps, Forums, other services and more. Obviously, they give us info on the operating system they use: PureOS, their secure GNU/Linux operating system based on Debian.

If you’d like to know more about how the Purism’s team work remotely, please check the full article at this address: Free software for remote working | Purism.

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